Introing #BBF Guest @cathconstantine and her fantastic debut WICKEDLY THEY COME #YAPNR #AdultPNR


You came back! I’m so thrilled!  Now that you’re here, scrape the dust off your leather pants and rest your weary blades against the weather beaten wall of Slice Your Own Deli, because I have someone I want you to meet!

I have the distinct pleasure of introducing fellow Black Opal Author, Cathrina Contstantine, creator of Young Adult and Adult Paranormal Romances! Her debut novel, WICKEDLY THEY COME, is hitting your shelves (virtual and physical) on August 24th.  (Available in print and digital format through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more…)  A YA/Adult-paranormal thriller, WICKEDLY THEY COME is a gripping, dark fantasy where the battle between heaven and hell is escalating, and earth is their battleground.

Now that you’re here, time to find out why you have to put this book at the top of your TO READ list!


WTC Ebook

Haunting visions, unusual strength, and special paranormal talents are the norm for Seeley and her sixteen-year-old daughter, Jordan. Their lives become perilous when the leader of The Black Order stalks them, trying to fulfill a prophecy to consecrate Jordan to his lord—Lucifer.

Previously homeschooled and naive, Jordan is inducted into the social culture of teendom at Elma High, where she encounters Mark, a mysterious new classmate who is hell bent on keeping her unscathed from the forces of evil.

Published by Black Opal Books, WICKEDLY THEY COME is Constantine’s first of four novels nearing completion. She is represented by the awesome, Sharon Belcastro of The Belcastro Agency. If WICKEDLY THEY COME strikes your fancy, plan on picking up the sequel.

Now, you ready? You sure? Alright, you didn’t sign any contracts lately, right? Especially those with red ink quill pens? Okay, then we can continue!

Here’s a short excerpt from WICKEDLY THEY COME–enjoy! 

Evidently, Asa had finally decided the time had come to make their lives a living hell.

“Watch out!” Jordan cried.

The two goons knocked Seeley to the mat. They tied her wrists then hefted her to her feet, facing Jordan. The man with the bloody nose mopped his face and then, without warning, hit Seeley in the chin. Her head snapped back as Jordan screamed. Seeley held onto consciousness, though her head swirled and her throbbing chin began to swell.

“You bitch—” the man shrieked, glaring at Seeley. “I think you broke my nose.”He then walked over to Jordan, grasped her chin with bloody fingers, and drooled. “Young—tender—meat—”

The demon restraining Seeley sounded anxious. “Hank, we’re not allowed to kill her.”

Hank gestured to Seeley. “This lady’s fair game, there’s a high price on her head. We’ll be greatly rewarded.”

The other demons nodded with crooked smirks. “We’re allowed to stay and play as long as we bag souls for his gain. The more souls, the longer we get to stay.”

“Why? Don’t you like your fiery perdition?” Seeley said dryly.

Her remark infuriated them, returning Hank to gloat in front of Seeley. Using the distraction, Jordan subtly tried to weasel her way out of the chokehold.

With his left hand, Hank grabbed Seeley’s ponytail, tugging her face close to his red eyes. They looked like hot coals as he sneered. “We’re not ready to leave, not with all this fun we’re having. Souls are jamming the highway to hell—we just nudge them in the right direction.” A gawky sound rattled in his throat, forcing Seeley to breathe in his foul breath. “Your kind of souls are a pain in the ass.”

Hank dug a switchblade out of his pocket. With a decisive snap, he held the silver blade to Seeley’s throat.

A great, big thank you to Jami Gray for featuring me on her blog today!!

           **More like, THANK YOU, Cath for coming over and sharing this awesome peek into your world! Can’t wait for your release!

You can find Cathrina Constantine at these sites:

Cathrina’s Website                     Cathrina’s Blog                   Facebook

Twitter                          Goodreads


6 thoughts on “Introing #BBF Guest @cathconstantine and her fantastic debut WICKEDLY THEY COME #YAPNR #AdultPNR

  1. Great excerpt Cathrina! I can’t wait until the release of “Wickedly they Come!” I would love to read more!


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