Archive of Guest Interviews

Occasionally I manage to lure an innocent author or two into my wicked clutches. When that joyous event takes place, I then subject them to a series of questions. Want to see who I’ve netted so far? 


Ronnie Allen

Maggi Andersen

Cheryl Carpinello

Lisa Ricard Claro

Deborah Cooke

Kaylea Cross

Aneta Cruz

Tim Desmond

Cynthia Eden

Barbara Ehrentreu

Jennifer Estep

SJ Francis

Cindy Gerard

Che Gilson

Melissa Groeling

Kevin Hearne

Faith Hunter

Tierney James

Julia Joseph

Mona Karel

Elle Kennedy

Kallypso Masters

Trish McCallan

Seanan McGuire

Kelly Meding

C.E. Murphy

Nana Prah

Eric Price

Liv Rancourt

S.B. Redstone

Christy Reece

Susan B. Royal

Lynn Rush

Adriana Ryan

Alison Stone

Sara Jayne Townsend

J.D. Tyler

Mary Waibel


One thought on “Archive of Guest Interviews

  1. Hi Jami. If you’re still conducting guest interviews, I’d love to be interviewed too. I have three books releasing shortly and I’m lining up interviews and blog tours. I can be reached at:
    chinara @ aol (dot) com Thanks! Ashley


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